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ÖGMBT thanks all speakers, attendees and sponsors for their contributions and support!

435 participants - 32 Plenary Lectures - 83 Short Talks - 58 Science Flashes - 6 Industry Presentations - 5 Industry Breakout Rooms

The 13th ÖGMBT Annual Meeting „From Molecular Machines to Translational Medicine“, was supposed to be held in Innsbruck, however, turned into the second online meeting of ÖGMBT. Picking up the learnings of our first online meeting in 2020, we succeeded to give senior researchers, students and also our industry a platform to share and network.

One highlight was the Life Science Awards Austria ceremony, where the brightest young researchers received the prestigious awards for their research efforts and the online flipbook “ÖGMBT Life Science Awards Austria – Success Stories 2010-2020” was presented.


Moreover, young professionals and early-stage researchers get the opportunity to present their research results as short talks and science flashes at this second online Meeting. Thanks to Eucodis BioscienceMicrosynth and CCAS/BMC our this year's sponsors! The monetary prices were awarded to the best talks of Mirjana Efremova and Yvonne Wohlfarter and the best science flashes of Florian Blum, Elena Brunner, Isabella Zangl and Noreen Neuwirth.

Cert Foto Efremova     Cert Foto Wolfarter

      Mirjana Efremova and Yvonne Wohlfarter (Best Talks sponsord by Eucodis Bioscience) © ÖGMBT 2021

 Cert Foto Blum  Cert Foto Brunner

                Florian Blum and Elena Brunner (best science flashes in the category "scientific excellence" sponsord by CCAS/BMC) © ÖGMBT 2021

Cert Foto Zangl      Cert Foto Neuwirth

                            Isabella Zangl and Noreen Neuwirth (best science flashes in the category "most creative presentation" sponsord by Microsynth) © ÖGMBT 2021


The members of the Scientific Committee chaired by Hesso Farhan were very creative in arranging their afternoon sessions and took the opportunity to invite many high-calibre plenary speakers to share their latest research.


Program Outline

Calendar Week 38

Mon. 20.9.

Opening Ceremony - live on YouTube
Bestowal of “Life Science Awards Austria ‘21”, awardee lectures

Tues. 21.9.

#1: Chromatin and gene regulation
KEYNOTE: Bas van Steensel, NL Cancer Inst. - live on YouTube


#2: Cell Biology and Biochemistry of Lipids

Wed. 22.9.

#3: RNA Biology


#4: Biophysical and Structural Aspects of Signaling Proteins

Thur. 23.9.

#5: Proteostasis and membrane trafficking


#6: Immunology

Calendar Week 39

Tues. 28.09.

#7: Cell proliferation and Cell division


#8: Toxicology

Wed. 29.09.

#9: Single-cell multiomics


#10: Metabolic Signaling
KEYNOTE: Lisa Henske, Harvard Medical School - live on YouTube

Thurs. 30.09.

#11: Biotech

Calendar Week 41

Tues. 12.10.

#12: Mechanisms of Neurodegeneration

Wed. 13.10.

#13: Stem Cells


#14: Host-Pathogen Interactions

Thurs. 14.10.

#15: Translational Oncology
KEYNOTE: Douglas Hanahan, EPFL
Closing & Awards Ceremony - live on YouTube


Download the Program/Abstractbook PDF

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Participants at one of our Zoom Sessions

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