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Life Science Awards Austria

A highly competitive Award

For the past decade, the ÖGMBT has called on the Austrian Life Science community to submit their work for the annual “Life Science Awards Austria”.

From the beginning, the prizes have been awarded in both basic and applied research - in keeping with ÖGMBT's goals of being at the interface between the two fields and promoting research that leads to applications.

A further category “Research Award for Excellence & Societal Impact” was introduced in 2018 and is a special prize bestowed among all applicants for research awards (basic science and applied research). The applicants must describe concisely, what the societal impact of their research might be – potentially taking into consideration the “Sustainable Development Goals” of the United Nations.

A jury of renowned scientists evaluate the submissions taking into account the scientific quality, the innovative research approach, the applicants’ overall scientific performance according to his/her career level and the description of possible societal impact.

And what becomes of the winners?

Having bestowed these Awards since more than a decade, the ÖGMBT wanted to know more about the winners: what motivated them to go into life sciences, how did the awards impact their careers, did they receive visibility and expand their network by winning the awards, what are their current positions and what advice do they have to the next generation of young researchers? All this you can see in the electronic flipbook: