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ÖGMBT thanks all speakers, participants and sponsors for their contributions and support!

360 Participants – 39 Exhibitors – 15 Plenary Speakers – 11 Sessions – 136 Posters – 54 Short Talks

Following in the footsteps of our previous successful ÖGMBT-Annual Meetings, our participants had once again the invaluable opportunity to join talks, discussions, workshops, product placement and social events.
The 9th Annual Meeting of the Austrian Association of Molecular Life Sciences and Biotechnology (ÖGMBT) together with the 8th Life Science Meeting Innsbruck and Biophysics Austria Annual Meeting took place at the Center for Chemistry and Biomedicine of the Medical University and the Leopold Franzens University of Innsbruck from 25th to 27th September 2017.
The Organizing and the Scientific Committee chaired by David Teis did a great job and made the conference with its excellent scientific program and numerous satellite events a great success.

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Satellites // Workshops // Networking

The conference as a platform for networking and interscientific exchange

Speakers // Awards // Postersessions

Find out what happened in and outside of the lecture halls at the 9th ÖGMBT Annual  Meeting!

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Relive your experience with our photo gallery or contact us for further information


Relive your experience with our photo gallery or contact us for further information


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