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Austrias Life Science Hot-Spot

ÖGMBT is a platform for scientific exchange and diversity by connecting researchers, students and corporates.

The 9th ÖGMBT Annual Meeting in Innsbruck included various sessions with top-class plenary speakers and gave young scientist the chance to present their work as short talk or during the poster session and get exchanged with colleagues.

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The scientific get-to-gether presented current research in the key-disciplines:

Signaling in Cancer and Immunity, Lysosomes and Disease, Signaling Mechanisms: Protein Interaction, Epigenetics and Disease, RNA Biology, Translational Oncology, Stem Cells and Regeneration, Cell Division, Structural Biology & Biophysics and Satellite Meeting by Biophysics Austria.
The meeting was concluded by the session of Young Life Scientists Austria with the DKs MCBO, HOROS & SPIN and their extraordinary alumnies. The range and quality of bioscientific research in Austria was reflected by the top speakers that took stage throughout the meeting, including the following invited speakers:


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FEBS National Lecture:
Maria M. Mota
iMM Lisboa, PT
Silvio Gutkind
Matthias Peter
Andrea Ballabio
Karl Lohner
KFU Graz, AT
Steven Taylor
University of Manchester, UK
Thomas Carell
Alexander Mankin
Andreas Trumpp
Michaela Frye
University of Cambridge, UK
Richard Marais
University of Manchester, UK
Georg Winter
Florian Greten
Alexander Meissner
Harvard University, US
Nieng Yan
Tsinghua University, CN


Young aspiring scientists and their extraordinary research received awards in four different categories: Life Science Research and -PhD Awards Austria 2017 (each in basic and applied research) Best Poster- and Talk Awards

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Sabrina Ladstätter (IMBA) received the Life Science Research Award Austria 2017 in the category: basic research,
sponsored by BMWFW
A Surveillance Mechanism Ensures Repair of DNA Lesions during Zygotic Reprogramming

Paul Datlinger (CeMM) received the Life Science Research Award Austria 2017 in the category: applied science,
sponsored by BMWFW
“Pooled CRISPR screening with single-cell transcriptome readout” 

Alexandra Perras  (Medizinische Universität Graz) received the Life Science PhD Award Austria2017 in the category: applied science,
sponsored by THP
„Grappling extremes: Molecular methods combined with cultivation reveal the composition and biology of spacerelevant microbial communities“

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Beata Mierzwa  (IMBA) received the Life Science PhD Award Austria 2017 in the category: basic research,
sponsored by Polymun Scientific
„ESCRT-III Polymer Dynamics in Cytokinetic Abscission“

Best Poster Awards 2017 sponsored by Microsynth and VWR went to:
Fabian Schuler, Gudrun Liebscher, Bianca-Elena Chichirau, Anita Siller, Federica Vercelli and Katharina Günther

Best Talk Award 2017 sponsored by VWR went to: Aufschnaiter Andreas

ÖGMBT Young Live Scientists Austria (YLSA)
After the inspiring talks from DK alumnies, Wolfgang Gruber (YLSA NORD) and Bettina Rass (YLSA WEST) gave an overview about past and future YLSA activities.. For further activities of the YLSA click HERE
ÖGMBT JT2017 AbstractBook Cover A4 FRONT

Check out the full program and abstract book for more information on the conference! 


Relive your experience with our photo gallery or contact us for further information


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