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About YLSA


Young Life Scientists Austria (YLSA) is the bottom-up initiative of the Austrian Association of Molecular Life Sciences and Biotechnology (ÖGMBT), from and for young scientists. The goal is to establish a network among young life scientists within the association. The ÖGMBT YLSA is supposed to offer a platform for proactively launched projects to strengthen its members. YLSA is organised in four Austrian branches: North, South, West and East. It does not matter in which city you are living, you can attend all events of all branches.

Why was YLSA founded?

YLSA was founded due to a simple reason: Only about 3.5 % of life science graduates can secure a permanent position at a university with more and more PhDs graduating, while faculty positions are stagnating. But where does the rest go to? Originally trained as scientists, many will continue doing an “industrial” or other science-related jobs outside academia. Jobcentres at universities offer job fairs and “how to apply” initiatives – but in many cases, the question of what the job is actually about remains unanswered upon application. YLSA aims to close this information gap between life science students and life science job profiles outside academia. YLSA thereby addresses the following questions:

  • Which positions outside academia do I qualify for with a life science degree?
  • How do I get in touch with people doing this job?
  • What were their experiences with the application process?
  • Which DOs and DON’Ts do they recommend?

What is YLSA doing?

YLSA organises various events to bring together students and early graduates of life science disciplines with graduates working outside academia as well as with life science companies. As such, YLSA organises:

  • “Out of the Box Talks”, where experts with a life science background, working outside academia, talk about their experiences and job profiles.
  • Pharma and biotech company visits, ranging from small and medium-sized enterprises to big pharmaceutical companies.
  • Regular tables and social events to also strengthen the network among participants and organizers of YLSA events.

The YLSA & Friends initiative

YLSA East (Vienna region) is proud to announce that as of January 2019, the “YLSA & Friends” program, supported by the ÖGMBT has officially been launched. YLSA & Friends is an interdisciplinary partnership program that builds on successful activities - such as company visits or “Out of the Box Talks” - in order to create even more opportunities for participating young life science students. As such, YLSA & Friends allows the YLSA to invite young graduates from disciplines unrelated to the life sciences sector, who in their profession are frequent users of goods and products originating from life sciences. YLSA & Friends shall thereby lead to an interdisciplinary exchange between young life scientists as "designers" of innovative goods and "users" of the same. This exchange shall ultimately allow young life scientists to get to know the “user” perspective, as enriching addition to their prevalent life sciences perspective. Starting in the Vienna region this year, YLSA & Friends will subsequently be implemented all over Austria with the ultimate goal of improved products, enabled by biotechnology, in the future.

How can I participate in YLSA events?

Being a member of ÖGMBT enables you to participate in all YLSA activities. Our events are announced in the ÖGMBT newsletter, the ÖGMBT homepage, calendar and our social media channels. YLSA is supported by the ÖGMBT board, which multiplies events via round-mailings. It does not matter which channel informed you about an event, the registration is only one e-mail away. Besides being a participant, you can also get active and if you have an idea for a workshop, a talk, or other events, just reach out to us and we will find the best support for your event.

YLSA Representatives


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

YLSA Zweigstelle OST
ÖGMBT Vorstandsmitglied

Dr. Felix Locker
University Assistant
University of Veterinary Medicine

Benjamin Bayer, Christina Sternberg & Zrinka Didara

  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

YLSA Zweigstelle WEST

MSc Gregor Ömer
PhD Fellow -  Sektion für Humangenetik
Medizinische Universität Innsbruck

"We from YLSA believe in the ancient saying: talking brings people together"



"Collaborations and networks are important aspects in Life Sciences. YLSA is the perfect opportunity to meet other scientists, companies and fellow students to improve your very own network"


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

YLSA Zweigstelle SÜD

DI Pascal Mülner
Business Development: Digitalisierung
Human.technology Styria


Julian Taffner, Melanie Obermeier, Carina Hasenöhrl & Pablo Zardoya-Laguardia


YLSA Zweigstelle NORD


MSc Bianca Chichirau
Department of Biosciences
University of Salzburg

 Team YLSA Nord:

"Be part of the future of Life Sciences"



"YLSA is the best platform existent in Austria dedicated for those who want to embark on the new adventures that the research field brings along. Either a student or a young professional, YLSA offers you the chance to always be informed about the latest trends, events and career opportunities in the world of science."



Upcoming Events


Do also visit our ÖGMBT Job Board and the Life Science Career Fair.


future events 2021 From June on  copy midi

 Save the date:



  June 17- Erber Group product management career profile and skills workshop


  July 12 - CMC Regulatory affairs



More details coming soon!

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ÖGMBT-YLSA event series:    



June  17





Next event in the series of “Life Science Career Paths” - where we present a variety of job profiles and teach you necessary skills to succeed in life science and     biotech field - is on June 17, 16:00h-17:30h with Erber group. Firstly, Nora Kogelnik from Romer Labs will tell us about her transition and career path from a PhD in science to her daily work life as a product manager. This is followed by a session by Claudia Huber-Newman, senior recruiting specialist, on how essential soft skills are for a life scientist to land a job in biotech and pharma. Additionally, she will share her advice and vast experience in recruiting and interviewing life scientists for Erber Group in an extensive Q&A.


16:00-16:10h Introduction of YLSA

16:10-16:35h Nora Kogelnik presentation and Q&A

16:35-17:25h Claudia Huber-Newman presentation and Q&A

17:25-17:30h Closing remarks



The event is for ÖGMBT members only, but if you are motivated and quick enough to send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. we will have free event links on a “first come first served basis”!

If you are an ÖGMBT member you can find the link after logging in via intranet account under online events-join an event.


Erber group 17.06.21 mini


Project lead: Zrinka Didara


Past Events


ÖGMBT-YLSA event series:    


May  20


” Job profiles and opportunities at Sandoz”

ÖGMBT YLSA Sandoz career event mini

PROJECT LEAD: Gregor Ömer, PhD

ÖGMBT YLSA & jGBM present :

“Online tour in pharmaceutical industry with Boehringer Ingelheim”

March 19th,


 “Online tour in pharmaceutical industry with Boehringer Ingelheim”


10:00-15:00h Online tour in pharmaceutical industry with Boehringer Ingelheim



Boehringer Event Poster 21Jan21 mini

Boehringer event Program flyer copy mini

15:00-17:00h   CV check-up and Life Science Career Fair booths open



PROJECT LEAD: Bianca Chichirau (MSc) & jGBM


ÖGMBT YLSA online:
"Out of the box talk with Pascal Mülner"
February 25th,      2021

“Out of the box talk with Pascal Mülner”


15:00-17:00h   CV check-up and Life Science Career Fair booths open

17:00-18:00h   Out of the box talk with Pascal Mülner

“From science to business development or how ÖGMBT-YLSA boosted my career”

  • Pascal shared and unraveled his career story firstly as a Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher to his current position as a business development manager of the digitalization at Human. technology Styria (HTS).
  • As a co-founder of “Young Life Scientists Austria” and branch leader of the South branch he gave us insight in how volunteering helped him stir up his career and brought him where he is today.

mini Pascal Out of the Box talk  instagram  1 (1) copy 1

 PROJECT LEAD: Patricia Rieder



ÖGMBT YLSA online:
Life Beyond Academia II Biobusiness Edition - Meets Life Science Career Fair



January 19th,        2021

“Life Beyond Academia – Biobusiness edition” 

19th of January online via zoom


15:00-17:00h   CV check-up and Life Science Career Fair booths open

17:00-18:20h    Career path talks----for ÖGMBT members only!

Two speakers, with scientific background and extraordinary career stories will share their path and their input with us!

Priyanka Dutta-Passecker (MBA, PhD) -Founder Healiva SA & Sales Director Bioseutica Group

Chantal Rodgarkia-Dara (DI.Dr.) - Supply Expert in Life Science Research and Biotechnology at THP



PROJECT LEAD: Zrinka Didara (MSc)

ÖGMBT YLSA online:
"OUT OF THE BOX TALK" :"What does a medical advisor do?" by Ksenia Astanina, PhD
December 10th, 2020

15:00 – 17:00 CV Checkups & Career Fair Booths
Life Science Career Fair (by ÖGMBT)

  • 10 CV checkups by Takeda and Erber recruiters *
  • Read all the information about 14  Pharma/Biotech companies and Career specialists or contact each of them via text chat or video call.
    Find out everything about career pathways, job offers and further opportunities **

17:30 - 18:30 “Out of the box talk” – “What does a medical advisor do?” by Ksenia Astanina, PhD


Are you interested in exploring one of many alternative career paths for young life scientists? Then, we have the perfect opportunity for you to get inside information on being a Medical Advisor and its difference to Medical Science Liaison. For the first-hand experience, we invited Ksenia Astanina, who works as a Medical Advisor at Pfizer Austria and she will give us detailed insights in her field and career opportunities within Medical Affairs.

More about the speaker of the day!

Ksenia did her Bachelor in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in Moscow followed by a Master degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology in Marburg, where she also graduated her PhD in 2010. As PostDoc, she worked in different labs in Germany and Austria doing research on oncology, inflammation and internal medicine resulting in several peer-reviewed publications in top biomedical journals. After more than 10 years in academia, leading and funding her own scientific research projects, she decided to change fields and to work in the pharmaceutical industry. Since 2018, she is part of Pfizer Austria, first as Drug Safety Officer and since December last year as Medical Advisor.


PROJECT LEAD: Felix Locker(PhD) 

ÖGMBT YLSA online:
Life Beyond Academia I Pharma Edition - Meets Life Science Career Fair
November 10th,        2020 Download the flyer

15:00 – 17:00 CV Checkups & Career Fair Booths
ÖGMBT Career Fair Booths Webpage => ONLINE & FREE OF CHARGE

17:00 - 19:00 Talk & Job Application Tips

Main goal of the event is to share stories of former scientists that continued their path in different functions of biotech and pharma industry.
They will be sharing how their steered their careers, key tips & tricks, and main insights they learned over the years that made them so good at what they do.

  • BOTOND CSEH, PhD- innovation, consulting and
  • PETRA CECH, MSc- clinical trial management
  • TAKEDA job application process and tips

Life Science Karriere Services booths => visit respective booth]

** Life Science Career Fair is opened 24/7 until March 2021. On 10. November the exhibitors will be additionally present for live communication with you. The following exhibitors are part of the Life Science Career Fair: LISA Life Science Austria (with >900 companies), Hookipa Pharma, Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft Career Center, Lohmann & Rauscher, MSD Animal Health, Phoenestra, Polymun Scientific, Ribbon Biolabs, Takeda, Spermidine Life, ÖGMBT YLSA, Acib, Life Science Karriere Services & Erber Group.

For available job openings please visit also the ÖGMBT Jobbörse/Job market


PROJECT LEAD: Zrinka Didara, Msc


YLSA Kick-off Event

June 29th, 2016 in Vienna

17 young researchers from TU Wien, BOKU, IST Austria, MUW, Vetmed, Uni Wien, MFPL and even from TU Graz.
It was a great evening and a strong signal for a strong network & many great activities for the future!

WP 20160629 20 06 06 Pro small

YLSA Info Event

September 13th, 2016 in Graz

Presentation of YLSA during the 8th ÖGMBT Annual Meeting by Jonas Ramoni & Pascal Mülner

pascal 250jonas 250

YLSA Social Event - Billard

October 20th, 2016 in Vienna

Relaxed get together @ Billardcafe KÖÖ7 with Andreas (IST), Lisa (BOKU), Franziska & Nikolaus (AIT), Elisabeth & Jonas (TU Vienna) and Julian (MFPL)WP 20161020 19 18 46 Pro 550


YLSA Social Event - Bowling

October 24th, 2016 in Graz Relaxed get together @ Kegelbahn Scheff with  Carina (MUG), Maria, Peter, Marielies, Christoph and Pascal (TU Graz). IMG 20161024 204648 550  

Role Model Talk: Scientific Publishing Springer January 19th, 2017 in Vienna

Dr. Silvia Herold, Editor in Biomedicine / Life Sciences @ SpringerNature talked about what her daily work looks like and about scientific publishing in general. Great opportunity for networking and a relaxed conclusion with drinks & snacks afterwards.

 MG 2626 cut

 MG 2630 cut


Company visit at the ERBER Group February 16th, 2017 27 young researcher participated at the Company Visit of  the ERBER Group Campus in Getzersdorf and the BIOMIN Research Center in Tulln. ûGMBT Young Scientists Company Visit BIOMIN 1702 4 small  

Science Dinner - eatdrinkconnect February 23rd, 2017 in Graz Mag. Dr. Karin Schaupp and Univ.-Prof. Dr.rer.nat. Robert Kourist discussed in a relaxed atmosphere with young reserachers about the topic “Academia vs. industry: Einstein or Bayer- who are you going to be?”P1000237 klein

YLSA NORD Kick-off  Event
March 2nd, 2017 in Salzburg

18 enthusiastic young researchers participated at this this Kick-off Event in Salzburg.

YLSA Nord Kick off Foto2


OUT OF THE BOX TALK May 18th, 2017 in Vienna

Dr. Matthias Brunner, Trainee as Patent Attorney @ Sonn & Partners Vienna, showed us how his daily work looks like, and wgave insights into which skills are needed to be successful in this profession.



 COMPANY VISIT - LACTOSAN  May 24th, 2017 in Kapfenberg

 17 young researcher visited the  styrian based biotech and pharma company LACTOSAN.

lactosan foto


June 1st, 2017, Innsbruck

more than 50 young researchers came together at the Kick-off event in CCB Innsbruck

20170601 185312small


Dr. Jernej Zupanc - Effective Visual Communication of Science September 21, 2017, Graz When reading research papers, grant proposals, conference posters or viewing slide presentations, researchers look at visuals first. If created properly, scientific figures are the most effective way to explain complex ideas and research results. This seminar gave an introduction to how researchers search and read scientific literature and how we can use basic principles of visual communication to attract the readers' attention and guide their eyes through composition.  

 1st ÖGMBT YLSA WEST Stammtisch  Oktober 9, 2017 Innsbruck

 Relaxed get-together with discussions about Innsbruck’s life science community.

09 10 2017 1 Stammtisch


Pizza Roulette
October 20, 2017
Get together of the YLSA SÜD with interesting discussions and exchange of ideas for next life science activities
Pizza Roulette P2110486 small

Out Of The Box Talk
November 9th at 19:00
MFPL, Dr. Bohrgasse 9, 6.Stock
1030 Wien

 ÖGMBT YLSA Out of the Box Talk with Dr. Michael Wildauer, Management Trainee @ Shire

Foto Wildauer



Company Visit @ Sandoz Ljubljana

November 20th
starting at 7:00, Graz

The company visit to Sandoz located in Ljubljana was very successful!  Sandoz, the generic division of Novartis, is a pioneer in the field of biosimilars and the second-largest generic pharmaceutical company in the world.


YLSA Törggelen & Netwörggelen
 November 20th at 19:00
Tiroler Bauernkeller, Meinhardstr. 13, Innsbruck

The ÖGMBT YLSA West networking event in the form of Törggelen, a mouthwatering tradition from South-Tirol with wine and chestnuts!

 2017 11 20 6 min klein


Trip to Salzburg Christmas Market
December 18th at 18:00
Pond of the NaWi Salzburg
Hellbrunnerstr. 34
 YLSA Nord Markt2 1

YLSA/ÖGMBT members and interested life scientists met at the Salzburg Christmas Market to got to know each other and talked how to expand and foster the YLSA/ÖGMBT community in Salzburg and Upper Austria.



“Start New- Start Up”

Wednesday, 17.01.2018 at 17:30





Company visits

14.2.2018, 10 am, ThioMatrix, Innsbruck


YLSA visits ThioMatrix, one of Europe´s leading drug delivery companies, specialised on the development of non-invasive drug delivery systems.



1-day workshop on:

Effective Visual Communication of Science: how to visualize your scientific ideas and help your audience effortlessly grasp the essence of your research

Monday, 26th of February 2018

CCB, Innrain 80, Seminar room M01.392

 THEMA Workshop Zupanc

The workshop was a great success!

 Read a article from the Medical University of Innbruck online!


Career day for biologists
February 28th, Salzburg

Career day Foto4

More than 80 students participate at the Career day and get in contact with 9 speakers from different life science companies.


Out of the box talk
15.3.2018, 7 pm, FH Campus Wien Vienna Biocenter
Helmut Qualtinger-Gasse 2, stair 2, ground floor,
conference room

 Chantal THP

The Out of the box talk with Dr. Chantal Rodgarkia-Dara was very successful! After the interesting talk the students have taken the opportunity  to an intensiv exchange. 



Company visit

21.3.2018, ViraTherapeutics, Innsbruck ViraTherapeutics  



Bio Goes Business
Karriere in der Biologie
ABA-Tagung 2018
 7.4.2018, Universität Wien, Biozentrum UZA I, HS 1


The latest events and activities of YLSA EAST were presented at a booth at the “Bio Goes Business - Karriere in der Biologie” conference organized by the Austrian Biologists Association.




@ Life Science PhD Meeting Innsbruck 2018

 5.+ 6.4.2018, CCB Innsbruck

 Posterpreis phd2018

 Anna-Maria Dietl and Michael Schäfer are the winners of the ÖGMBT/YLSA - Best Poster Award of the Life Science PhD Meeting Innsbruck 2018. Congratulations!



Company visit


Oroboros Instruments, Schöpfstraße 18, Innsbruck

Oroboros is engaged in cancer research, with focus on metabolism and mitochondria for novel anti-cancer therapies.  

Company visit at the ERBER Group
Getzersdorf & Tulln
The Company Visit of  the ERBER Group Campus in Getzersdorf and the BIOMIN Research Center in Tulln was again a great opportunity for young researchers to get first hand insights and information about job opportunities.  


Company visit at Gebro Pharma


Gebro Pharma, Fieberbrunn

Together with the Standortagentur Tirol the ÖGMBT organised an

excursion to the pharmaceutical company, Gebro Pharma, in Fieberbrunn

Gebro Pharma develops and manufactures medicinal products, medical devices, food supplements/dietary products and cosmetics in various pharmaceutical forms. Foundet in 1947 Gebro Pharma has a presence in more than 25 countries and around 300 employees in its headquarter in Fieberbrunn, a small tourist town in the Kitzbühel Alps.


Company visit at ZETA
Lieboch, near Graz
 ZETA invites master and PhD students of BOKU, TU Vienna and TU Graz to take part in an excursion to visit their facilities in Lieboch, near Graz on Tuesday, May 29th. This includes the visit of an industrial bioreactor plant. Prior to the company visit you will listen to a varied set of talks about ZETA Biopharma (Important note! While presentation slides are in English, the talks are given in German!!). As a special feature a representative of Boehringer- Ingelheim will inform about carrier opportunities at this global company.  

ÖGMBT Science Dinner - eatdrinkconnect
7.6.2018 The dinner took place in the Herzl Stube (Prokopigasse 12, 8010 Graz). Our 2 guests were: Dr. Vera Niederkofler representing the industry (from QPS Austria located in Grambach) and Dr. Julia Kargl (from the department of Pharmacology at the Medical University of Graz). They talked about their professional experiences and answered questions regarding academia or industry.

ÖGMBT YLSA OST: Karriereevent im Rahmen der ÖGMBT Jahrestagung 17.09.2018


Vier ExptertInnen stellten ihre Berufsfelder vor sowie ein professioneller Personalrecruiter stellte Dos and Don’ts bei der Bewerbung vor.


9.10.2018 Stammtisch 09102018Networking, networking, networking!
Organizied by the new YLSA WEST branch manager Gregor Ömer.


Out of the Box Talk


Out of the Box Talk Oct 2018

This "Out of the Box Talk" at FH Campus Wien was given by Dipl.-Ing. Tamara De Zuani, project manager of the biotechnology department at Agrana Research and Innovation Centre (ARIC) GmbH.


Careers Talk

 Careers Talk YLSA West 1

Academia or Industry - What´s the best choice for me? This "Careers Talk" with Ass.Prof. Dr.  Michaela Lackner, group leader at the Division of Hygiene and Medicinal Microbiology and Dr. Florian Widner, development scientist at Novartis in Kundl gave insights on possibilities and chances in academia and industry to find the best choice for your career path.



 Netwörggelen 1 1

YLSA-WEST  traditional "Netwörggelen"



 Stammtisch 13112018

Networking, networking, networking!
Organizied by the new YLSA WEST branch manager Gregor Ömer.



Company Visit at AGRANA


20181203 161923

The Young Life Scientists from the Vienna region visited the Agrana Research & Innovation Center and got to know first hand insights into their R&D facilities.



Christmas Event


Weihnachtsfeier 2018

To say thanks to the out of the box talk speakers from 2018, YLSA EAST organized a Christmas Event.


ÖGMBT YLSA WEST Stammtisch 15.01.2019  2019 01 16 2  



YLSA Biocrates company visit1 2

Biocrates Life Sciences AG – The deep phenotyping company

The Young Life Scientits Austria (YLSA) gave Master- and PhD Students the opportunity to get an insight of this tyrolean company that is an interesting employer for scientists.


ÖGMBT YLSA OST Out of the Box Talk 24.01.2019

facebook 1550608079520

The Young Life Scientists Austria Kick Off Event at the Campus of the Institute of Science and Technology (IST) hosted young life science graduates Dr. Elisabeth Mayer, Research Team Leader at Biomin, and Dr. Jonas Ramoni, Project Manager at Ares Genetics.

As part of this Out of the Box Talk, Elisabeth and Jonas spoke about their jobs and the associated roles and duties you have in the position as a young life science graduates.


ÖGMBT YLSA OST/NORD Company Visit 06.02.2019

Company visit Lenzing

Lenzing AG

Following a guided tour through the production halls, participants received information about Lenzing’s actions in biotechnology for pulp, biorefinery and fibers. Lenzing's representatives told participants all about the "Lenzing Fibers" for textile applications, which was followed by a very fruitful and lively Q&A session. The event was completely free for ÖGMBT members and partner organisations. Many thanks for the continued support, and to everyone who joined on this very interesting day!


ÖGMBT Out of the Box Talk 10.4.2019

57213706 10216209949253852 3541550184544600064 o

Out of the Box Talk at the Institute of Molecular Pathology (IMP)

Are you curious about the tasks and challenges of a Clinical Trial Project Manager?
At the recent Young Life Scientists Austria Career Event at the Vienna BioCenter, Michaela Obersriebnig, MSc., Clinical Study Manager at Valneva Austria GmbH, told participants about her job and the associated roles and duties of her position. During the Q&A session, she answered many interesting questions from the attendees.


 Mobility and flexibility in research - success or stress factors?  16.9.2019

This satellite was dedicated to all life science students and junior researchers interested in finding out different ways to boost their career development. Several hot topics were covered, from mobility and grant application/scholarship opportunities, research life in industry vs. academia, to strategies that should be implemented in order to improve our attitude towards failed experiments and “negative” results and to maintain an overall positive mindset.

Nicole Meisner-Kober, Group Leader, Chemical Biology and Biological Therapeutics, Department of Biosciences, University of Salzburg - “Experiences from a research career in the pharma industry and considerations for cross-sectorial career transitions”

Beata Zwierzynska
, General Board Member, European Council of Doctoral Candidates and Junior Researchers - “Old and New Issues for Early Career Researchers. Eurodoc Tips for Career Development and Positive Thinking

Maria Unger
, Communication, OEAD Vienna - EURAXESS Support Tools and Funding Opportunities


Company visit at Boehringer Ingelheim
26.9.2019 After a guided tour in the R&D department, participants had the chance to discuss their projects with the researchers, shared opinions and insights about the scientific life in academia vs industry.  



Another great Out-of-the-Box Talk in co-operation with the Institute of Environmental Biotechnology with:

Verena Resch (Designer, Bio Chemist & Founder of Luminous LabEcological outdoor textile evolution – from academia to self-employment)
Lucas Hammerer (CSO & Co-Founder FreyzeinScience Communication and Funding Programmes)
Katrin Weinhandl (Expert of funding programmes and science communicator, acib European Commission)
Pablo Zardoya-Laguardia (Product Manager, Anton Paar and former EU trainee)



On the 12th of November, we got the incredible opportunity to visit 3 companies southern to Graz in just one day. First, Alexander Asbäck, the managing director of VTU, gave us deepening insights into the bioprocess plant planning, manufacturing science & technology. Afterwards, Peter Pucher from BDI took us into the world of microalgae. Eventually, Iskandar Dib from Validogen introduced us to their toolbox and versatile technology platform for Pichia pastoris recombinant protein production.

vtu klein



This time with ÖGMBT president Prof. Lukas Huber, who is not only a professor and researcher at the Medical University of Innsbruck, but also a Board Member of several Life Science companies. He talked about job and career opportunities either in academia, as well as small life science companies in Innsbruck.
Huber Audience smaller


Christmas Market & Dinner
11th December 2019

The YLSA OST region met at Rathausplatz Christmas Market for a relaxed get together to chat, to recall the past year and share thoughts for the upcoming events.

2019 Christmas Dinner


Company Visit @
Anton Paar GmbH
16th January 2020 We got the opportunity to visit the company Anton Paar GmbH, with 3.400 employees at the headquarters in Graz. High precision production and close contact to the scientific community form the basis for their quality.  

ÖGMBT Social event YLSA east 27th February 2020

We met as well as old and new members. Over a drink and a bite of food, upcoming activities and events for this year were discussed with curios and motivated young scientists.

2020.02 EAST Social


27th April 2020

The first ever online “Out of the Box Talk” was with Benjamin Bayer. In late 2019, Benjamin was involved in the foundation of a biotech start-up (Novasign GmbH), offering software solutions for biopharmaceutical industry. With a background in biomedicine, biotechnology and molecular biology we talked about what prompted him to get there and gave insights about how the daily work inside the company looks like, while simultaneously working on his PhD at BOKU.


PROJECT LEAD: Zrinka Didara, Msc


 8th June 2020

 The first ever online Company Visit by the ÖGMBT Young Life Scientists Austria (YLSA), was to MED-EL, the largest private employer in Innsbruck and famous for its Cochlea-implants. After a presentation we had the chance to ask and dsicuss research and career opportunities in a Q&A session.

PROJECT LEAD: Gregor Ömer, PhD



2nd July, 2020

“Perspectives in the R&D department and Takeda on the frontline of Covid19 defence”

FLYER is available HERE

PROJECT LEAD: Zrinka Didara, Msc



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