The FEMS Affiliates Letter – April 2020

Thursday, 30 April 2020 11:06
As member of the ÖGMBT you are automatically also member of the Federation of European Microbiology Societies (FEMS). The FEMS Affiliates Letter of April 2020 has the following content: Page 2-3: Microbiology News, • Preventing Covid-19 misinformation • New EAM Members Page 4-5: Research from the FEMS journals Page 6-7:  Two New Journals: • microLife • FEMS Microbes Page 8-9: Grants Corner, Events, and Opportunities Page 10: Deadlines, Videos, and Extras
update 27.04.22020: The ÖGMBT has assembled few useful sources for you regarding Corona / COVID-19. We will update this list, whenever we are aware of a valuable new source. The Virologist  Prof. Christian Drosten is diector of the Institute of Virology at the Charité in Berlin. In a daily podcast he gives summaries on the Covid-19 situation, scientifically valid, understandable and calm. Unfortunatly only in German language. >CLICK HERE FEMS response to COVID-19 – Emergency Response Task Group: FEMS - the Federation of European Microbiological Societies (which ÖGMBT members are automatically member of) has formed an Emergency Response Task Group to monitor the situation regarding the spread of COVID-19 and its consequences. >CLICK HERE If you need expert commentary on #covid19 / #coronavirus developments, then do check the outputs from the Science Media Centres (UK). These can be very useful places to point people towards, if they have questions about…
Elly Tanaka, Senior Scientist at the Institute of Molecular Pathology (IMP), Vienna BioCenter, won the  FEBS-EMBO Women in Science Award 2020. Elly Tanaka receives the award for her pioneering work developing a molecular understanding of limb and spinal cord regeneration, developed new methods to study the phenomenon, which had previously been considered too complex to understand at a cellular level. Through her work inside and outside the lab, Tanaka has galvanized regeneration research worldwide.