FEMS Affiliates Letter January 2020

Thursday, 06 February 2020 11:34

The new FEMS Affiliates Letter is out! Read the January issue with microbiology research, events, calls, job opportunities, and more...
Issue includes: the FEMS Journals Best Article Awards for 2019.

We want to highlight especially the


01.03.2020 Meeting Attandance Grants Application
01.03.2020 FEMS Jensen Award Application
10.03.2020 FEMS Lwoff Award Nomination
15.03.2020 FEMS Summer School for Postdocs Application
15.03.2020 FEMS Conference on Microbiology Abstract Submission

The ÖGMBT has a very wide international network and is a member of several relevant scientific societies like FEMS. ÖGMBT members are automatically members of these societies and are entitled to benefits such as travel grants, short-term and long-term fellowships, Awards etc. Current calls and deadlines are published on our webpage and are sent to our members within the ÖGMBT newsletter.

Further info: https://www.oegmbt.at/ueber-uns/internationales

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