Standort: Vienna, Austria FH Campus Wien, Fachbereich Molecular Biotechnology
Art: Vollzeit
Firma: FH Campus Wien, Fachbereich Molecular Biotechnology
Eingetragen am: 2024-06-03

The position of a research technician is available in the Immunology research group of
Ines Swoboda at the Molecular Biotechnology Section, FH Campus Wien, in the field of
Allergy research.
Almost 30% of the population in industrialized countries suffer from IgE-mediated allergies,
which affect the quality of daily life, cause a high rate of hospitalizations, and can manifest
in serious, life-threatening forms.
The research of the group focuses on the identification and characterization of major
allergens from various allergen sources and on the elucidation of the pathomechanisms
of respiratory and food allergies. The aim of the work is to contribute to a better
understanding of allergic diseases and to the development of tools for improved diagnosis
and treatment of allergic diseases.

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