Standort: Vienna
Art: Vollzeit
Firma: Medical University of Vienna
Eingetragen am: 2021-07-21

Postdoc position

Topic: The role of the CGRP-CALCRL axis in AML

Despite recent approval of targeted drugs, conventional chemotherapy is still the mainstay of treatment for acute myeloid leukemia (AML), and chemotherapy resistance a major reason for treatment failure. We and others have recently identified CALCRL, a G-protein coupled receptor responsive to peptide ligands including CGRP, as an important contributor to chemotherapy resistance in AML. Moreover, CGRP-CALCRL signaling promotes key properties of leukemic stem cells. In a project recently funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF), the role of CGRP-CALCRL signaling in AML and the therapeutic potential of inhibitors of this axis shall be further investigated.


Work will be carried out at the Anna Spiegel Center of Translational Research in the group of Rotraud Wieser, Department of Oncology, Clinic of Medicine I, Medical University of Vienna.


Start around October 2021.


Recent publications by the group include: PMID: 34029637, PMID: 33782537, PMID: 32900260, PMID: 32873636, PMID: 31822659, PMID: 31756985, PMID: 28219393.


We offer

• a 3.2 year position

• salary according to FWF standards

• a stimulating research environment

• a friendly and supportive work atmosphere

• well-equipped laboratories and facilities.


If you are

• interested in this project

• a motivated individual with a keen interest in biomedical research

• capable of working independently

• a good team player

and have

• a PhD in molecular biology, biochemistry, or a related discipline

• a background in biomedical research and molecular biology

• attended a FELASA course and acquired profound experience with mouse work, and

• experience in flow cytometry,


please send your CV and contact information of 2-3 references to:


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