Standort: Vienna, Austria
Art: Masterarbeit
Firma: MFPL
Eingetragen am: 2018-08-02

The philosophy of our “RNA Biology & Biochemistry Laboratory” is to get into the forest and dig until we find the unexpected! So far, we have identified essential RNA processing enzymes in mammalian pre-tRNA and mRNA splicing pathways: CLP1, an enzyme that phosphorylates RNA 5’-ends and associates with the tRNA splicing endonuclease complex; the tRNA ligase complex, with HSPC117/RTCB as the catalytic subunit; Archease, an essential cofactor of the tRNA ligase complex; and we have found striking links to diseases!

We have recently discovered the first family of 2’,3’-cyclic phosphatases in human cells! These enzymes turn RNA terminal 2’,3’-cyclic phosphates (2’,3’-cycP) into 2’,3’-OH nucleotides. We predict functions in fueling the degradation of RNAs by exonucleases and in regulating the ligation of RNAs with a 2’,3’-cycP.

We offer TWO MASTER PROJECTS to study the biology, biochemistry and RNA substrates of the novel family of 2’,3’-cyclic phosphatases in mammalian cells.


Dissect th family of 2’,3’-cyclic phosphatases at the biochemical, structural and cellular level, and in vivo. With this project you will shed light on the obscure biochemistry and fate of RNAs with a terminal 2’,3’-cycP.


Find the RNA substrates of the novel family of 2’,3’-cyclic phosphatases! In fact, we still ignore the RNA targets of CLP1 and the tRNA ligase complex! Therefore, you will be studying 5’ & 3’ end modifications and, at the same time, splicing!

Our Laboratory is at the MFPL, part of the ever-growing Vienna Bio Center, with an amazing and expanding technical and computational support. You will be “wired” to great people and ideas. Please contact us if you are interested in joining this RNA-adventure!

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