/images/upload/20170831092150_seyens-logo-help-science.png Effective Visual Communication of Science (Seminar)

When reading research papers, grant proposals, conference posters or viewing slide presentations, researchers look at visuals first. If created properly, scientific figures are the most effective way to explain complex ideas and research results. Unfortunately, the principles that can be used to design easily understood figures are not discussed in standard curricula of doctoral schools.


An interest in communicating science.

PhD students, postdocs, PIs, staff scientists ... everyone who has to communicate science for living.

In this seminar, we will discuss how researchers search and read scientific literature and how we can use basic principles of visual communication to attract the readers' attention and guide their eyes through composition. Although this seminar is part of a 2-day workshop, it will contain many useful concepts and best practices that you can use in your next publication.


Anbieter: Dr. Jernej Zupanc (Seyens Ltd.)
Art: Seminar
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