LISAvienna: Vienna is Austria’s #1 life science hub

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The new Vienna Life Science Report 2021/22 confirms that Vienna is Austria’s leading city for biotech, pharma, medical device, and digital health companies, as well as the related fields of research.

The life science industry has been a big player in Vienna’s science and economy sectors. Vienna is home to 600 life sciences organizations, including ambitious start-ups, successful SMEs, subsidiaries of internationally active large businesses, and world-class research facilities. In total, around 41,000 employees work in this field. The sector’s significance can be seen through revenues of around €13.3 billion, over 42,000 students, and more than 8,000 internationally recognized specialized publications in 2020. Ten to twenty new start-ups annually and large-scale site expansions by big companies show how much Vienna benefits from strengthening the sector through dedicated funding programs and infrastructure.

Vienna remains Austria’s life science capital

Take a look at some key data for 2020:

Life sciences companies

Total number: 982 in Austria thereof 511 (52%) in Vienna
Employees (headcount): 60,440 in Austria thereof 24,250 (40%) in Vienna
Revenues: €25.1bn in Austria thereof €13.3bn (53%) in Vienna
R&D investments: €1,443m in Austria thereof €850m (59%) in Vienna


Life sciences research facilities

Total number: 55 in Austria thereof 18 (33%) in Vienna
Employees (headcount): 24,294 in Austria thereof 14,541 (60%) in Vienna
Publications: 15,169 in Austria thereof 8,128 (54%) in Vienna
Students: 77,366 in Austria thereof 42,257 (55%) in Vienna


Further details are provided here:

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