ÖGMBT is member of the FEMS

Wednesday, 10 December 2014 09:56

The Federation of European Microbiological Societies (FEMS) brings together 50 member societies from 36 European countries, covering over thirty thousand microbiologists. Members can apply for fellowships, grants and/or support when organising a meeting. FEMS facilitates exchange of scientific knowledge to all microbiologists in Europe and worldwide by publishing five microbiology journals and organising a biennial congress for microbiologists around the world. It also initiates campaigns such as the European Academy of Microbiology (EAM) and the European Microbiology Forum (EMF).


ÖGMBT Membership starting 2015

The ÖGMBT is linked up with several international associations which enables all personal ÖGMBT members to take advantage of these memberships. Additional to the memberships to biochemical  (FEBS, IUBMB) and biotechnological (EFB) associations the ÖGMBT applied last year for the microbiological association, the FEMS, to fullfill the needs of particularly the young ÖGMBT members, who are working in this field. The application procedure was positively completed and starting 2015 the membership is valid.

For 35 academic institutes with high number of microbiologists, the membership at the FEMS adresses microbiology research areas including molecular microbiology, microbial biotechnology, environmental microbiology, microbial ecology, food and water microbiology in addition to medical microbiology.


Services & activities offered by the FEMS:


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