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Satellite Events

Broadening ones horizon and keeping an open mind has become one of the integral characteristics of the scientific field. Additionally it is ÖGMBT´s great concern to strengthen young scientists and stimulate the communication between related fields as well as  academia and industry. As a society that strives to empower these values, ÖGMBT has always been proud to expand upon the regular conference procedures with additional satellite and networking events. Detailed information will be available shortly on this page.



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Annual Biophysics Austria Meeting


Biophysics is the bridge between biology and physics. To foster interactions with biology, it has thus become tradition to liaise with the ÖGMBT and hold the Annual Biophysics Austria Meeting as satellite of the Annual ÖGMBT meeting. The
meeting highlights recent advances in cell biophysics, membranes, channels & transporters, nanoscale biophysics, proteins, nucleic acids, systems biophysics, theoretical biophysics, biophysical techniques, and new emerging areas.

Further details will be announced within the main scientific program.

September 27th

organized by Biophysics Austria

 EMBO   Transparent Publishing, Preprints & Open Science: how to share reproducible data


by Bernd Pulverer

Chief Editor | The EMBO Journal
Head | Scientific Publications

The biosciences are witnessing a rapid growth and diversification of research. Scientific progress depends on efficient mechanisms to select, quality control, archive, share and find reliable and reproducible research. The research paper remains the predominant mode of sharing peer-reviewed research findings, and a subset of scientific journals play important roles also as a proxy for quality and impact in research assessment. I will discuss how the editorial and peer review process at highly selective journals can be reformed to assess both the interest and quality of the claims made by a researcher, and also the reliability, reproducibility and integrity of the experimental data.
I will discuss forward looking policies and publishing modalities that facilitate sharing and discoverability of research data with minimal delay, focussing on EMBO Source Data policies and technology and Preprint servers. I will discuss the promises and challenges of the nascent preprint movement in the biosciences and highlight how preprints and papers can form a continuum for fast and reliable research communication.
In times of limited funding, the pressures to publish in a subset of journals can increase dramatically. I will discuss the challenges this poses to the publication process in the context of reproducibility and scientific integrity. I will discuss how a metrics centric research assessment process can undermine the quality of the research process, highlighting the San Francisco Declaration for Research Assessment (DORA) and other initiatives. Followed by Q/A.


September 25th

Lecture Hall M.EG.180 /L.EG.200

Takara 440x252   Highly efficient genome editing and clonal expansion of hiPS lines using CRISPR/Cas9

by Dr. Michael Elser, Senior Product Manager, TAKARA BIO Europe

A major barrier when editing human iPS cells remains the low modification efficiency and the difficulty of isolating single clones with the desired mutation. In most commonly used media, hiPS cells suffer from low survival rates at the single cell stage. In addition, only few clones can be expanded successfully and remain undifferentiated in these systems.
Takara Bio's experts have developed a complete workflow for genome editing, single cell cloning and differentiation of human stem cells.
In this workshop, Dr. Michael Elser will present exciting new data demonstrating genome editing of stem cells with unprecedented editing and clonal expansion efficiency. Using the optimized protocols developed by Takara it is now possible to overcome the common hurdles and maximize the success rate of iPS editing projects.


September 26th

Lecture Hall L.EG.220
 lifesciences.jpg   A convincing application is the ticket to the interview - Improve your CV

by Gisela Zechner

“HR professionals spend only few minutes to read your application and to decide either to invite you for an interview or not. Few minutes and rows to catch the attention and to convince with your personality.”

Is there a job, you want to apply for right now? Are you generally interested in optimizing your CV and cover letter? Then take the chance for a quick check of your individual resume and cover letter at the life-science info point.

Do you have some specific questions concerning the interview? Let´s talk about and analyze it to strenghten your interview skills.

September 25th and 26th
12:30 – 17:00
(duration about 15 – 20 minutes/CV)

Career Corner - exhibition area

Registration in advance is favoured:
E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
subject: CV check ÖGMBT

Free of charge for the visitors of the conference.

    Sandoz @ Career Corner


Sandoz GmbH with its Kundl and Schaftenau plants is the largest production center within the Novartis Group. Annually, more than 200 million packets of medicinal products leave the Tyrol production lines for use in over one hundred countries around the globe. Each year we are creating more than 200 new jobs. At our career corner booth you can find out what career opportunities do we offer and how it is to work at Novartis.


25th and 26th

Career Corner - exhibition area

 Provadis Professionals110x63  

Provadis Professionals @ Career Corner


What to expect?

General informations about Provadis Professionals as a Human Resources specialist in Chemistry-, Pharma- and Industry Business.
Possibility to talk about interesting job offers and the recruiting process
We are looking forward to meet you!


September 25th and 26th


Career Corner - exhibition area

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