Standort: Barcelona, Spain
Art: Vollzeit
Firma: EMBL
Eingetragen am: 2017-08-25

Questions about tissues and organs (development, regeneration, homeostasis, cancer)
are still most often tackled at the molecular or cellular level. New technical advances
such as organoid culture, 3D mesoscopic imaging, multicellular transcriptomics and
computer modelling are helping us to go beyond the molecular and cellular level, to
understand multicellular feedback loops, long-range signalling networks and emergent
collective decisions, and thus to see tissues and organs as systems in their own right.
Modelling these higher-level processes in vitro and in silico will help us understand:
what goes wrong in diseased and cancerous tissues, how organs can regenerate, and
how to engineer new tissues.

EMBL Barcelona will focus on going beyond the molecular and cellular scale, integrating
gene circuits with a tissue-level quantitative understanding of organs, both healthy and
diseased. To this end we will forge collaborations with the excellent local research
hospitals in Barcelona. We now seek 2 outstanding candidates for junior group leader
positions to start some time after February 2018. They should present an inspiring plan
for a systems biology approach to studying biology at the multicellular level, in any of
the following areas: organoids, hiPSC disease modelling, tissue homeostasis,
development, regeneration, cancer, immunology, vasculogenesis, tissue engineering,
microfluidics technology, bio-printing, and organ-on-a-chip technology. We believe
strongly in an interdisciplinary approach, combining experimental biology with
computational modelling, engineering or biophysics. Proposals are encouraged to take
advantage of our mesoscopic imaging facility which provides cutting-edge technologies
for digitizing organoids, tissues and embryos in 3D and 4D. Researchers will also have
access to state-of-the-art facilities for genomics, proteomics, FACS, and high-powered

The successful candidate should have a strong motivation to work in the multidisciplinary
and collaborative environment of EMBL, grasping the opportunity to interact with many
other research groups. In general, EMBL appoints group leaders early in their career
and offers a highly collaborative and uniquely international culture. It fosters top quality,
interdisciplinary research by promoting a vibrant environment consisting of independent
research groups with access to outstanding graduate students and postdoctoral
fellows. Significant core funding and limited teaching responsibilities allow EMBL
group leaders to undertake ambitious, farsighted research programs and provides a
scientific environment that is particularly attractive for researchers with families.

Further information about the positions can be obtained from the Head of EMBL
Barcelona James Sharpe (
Application closing date: 8 October 2017.
Interviews are planned for late December 2017.
An initial contract of 5 years will be offered to the successful candidate. This is
foreseen to be extended to a maximum of 9 years, subject to an external review.

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