Standort: Heidelberg, Germany
Art: Vollzeit
Firma: EMBL
Eingetragen am: 2017-08-25

EMBL is a vibrant interdisciplinary institute where biologists, computer scientists,
physicists and chemists work closely together. We are now seeking to recruit an
outstanding group leader who wishes to carry out cutting-edge chemical biology
research and/or technology development with applications in the molecular life
sciences. EMBL considers chemical biology to be an integral part of experimental
life science research and this position is being jointly advertised by the four major
experimental Units at EMBL Heidelberg, that focus on Genome, Structural and
Computational, Cell, and Developmental Biology. Examples of chemical biology
research topics of high interest are the development of probes and sensors for
imaging and quantitation of biomolecules, the development of chemical biology
tools to control and perturb biological molecules and pathways in the cellular and
organismal contexts in vivo, as well as nucleotide and protein chemistry to
interrogate DNA, RNA or protein structure and function.

The successful candidate should have a strong motivation to work in the multidisciplinary
and collaborative environment of EMBL, grasping the opportunity to interact with
many other research groups and disciplines. Many EMBL groups incorporate different
aspects of chemistry into their research, which is facilitated by a Chemical Biology
core facility that includes compound screening, computational design and medicinal
chemistry capabilities (
In general, EMBL appoints group leaders early in their career and offers a highly
collaborative and uniquely international culture. It fosters top quality, interdisciplinary
research by promoting a vibrant environment consisting of independent research
groups with access to outstanding graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.
Significant core funding and limited teaching responsibilities allow EMBL group
leaders to undertake ambitious, farsighted research programs and provides a scientific
environment that is particularly attractive for researchers with families.
Further information about the position can be obtained from the Head of Unit
Jan Ellenberg (

Further information about research at EMBL can be found at
Application closing date: 8 October 2017.
Interviews are planned for 7 and 8 November 2017.
An initial contract of 5 years will be offered to the successful candidate. This is
foreseen to be extended to a maximum of 9 years, subject to an external review.

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