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FEMS Affiliates Letter February

Monday, 12 February 2018 11:10

The FEMS Affiliates Letter is out! Read the February issue with microbiology research, events and more.

EU Joint Initiative on AMR and Healthcare Associated Infections (EU-JAMRAI)

Based on the FEMS community’s collective expertise across health, environmental and veterinary microbiology, FEMS has been invited to participate in the stakeholders advisory group for the EU Joint Initiative on AMR and Healthcare Associated Infections (EU-JAMRAI). This is a great opportunity for us to channel our collective expertise into this vital initiative, and we are currently seeking interested parties with experience in policy advice to participate in this process. If you are interested in contributing to this process, please contact Vi Nguyen (FEMS Team) by 12.00 pm CET on Friday March 16th, attaching a brief cv, your record of participation in expert panels and a short paragraph on the contribution you would like to make to this process.


We are especially seeking expertise in the following areas:



EU Joint Initiative on AMR and Healthcare Associated Infections


WP4: Integration in National Policies and sustainability. Leader: Ministry of Social Affairs and Health (MoH-FR) France. Actions undertaken for integration of evidence-based policy initiatives and key recommendations issued from the JA into Member States policies, to support and improve national plans development, and to ensure the sustainability of the JA activities at national or on the local or regional level, based on the Knoster model.

WP5: Implementation of One Health national strategies and National Action Plans for AMR. Leader: Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS) The Netherlands. Actions to support Member States (and other participant countries) on the implementation of some of the provisions laid down in the Council Conclusions on the next steps under a One Health approach to combat antimicrobial resistance

WP6: Policies for prevention of Health Care Associated Infections and their implementation co-leaders Hellenic Center for Disease Control and Prevention (HCDCP) Greece & Public Health Agency of Sweden (FOHM) Sweden. Actions to support the establishment of efficient and feasible infection control programs through the effective implementation of agreed key components for guidelines and/or other tools at national, regional and local level to prevent infections and thereby limit the use of antibiotics and spread of resistant bacteria in health-care settings.

WP7: Appropriate use of antimicrobials in human and animals. co-leaders: Norwegian Institute of Public Health Norway & AEMPS Spain: Actions to collate and organise into a useable database current guidelines for antibiotic stewardship at all levels of the European health system and to develop efficient tools and checklists for the implementation of guidelines for the proper use of antibiotics in all EU member states.

WP8: Awareness raising and Communication. Leader: AEMPS Spain. Actions to promote the responsible use of antibiotics and encourage best practices among the general public and healthcare professionals and through higher dialogue with young population and mass media. FEMS and FEMS Members communications network (ie: professional communicators)

WP9: Prioritizing and implementing research and innovation for public health needs. co-leaders: Norwegian Institute of Public Health Norway & Inserm France: Actions to contribute to a coordinated European response in regards to prioritizing and assisting in the implementation of research and innovation expected to help achieve public health-related AMR and HCAI goals and objectives


Aktuelle Deadlines:

1st March 2018: FEMS Meeting Attendance Grants

1st June 2018: FEMS Meeting Organizer Grants

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